Cleanlots Ebook: America’s Simplest Business

Cleanlots has been described as “America’s Simplest Business” and “almost as simple as a walk in the park”. Entrepreneur magazine said parking lot litter cleanup is “a simple, inexpensive and potentially lucrative business to get into, and the market is growing”. The Cleanlots book is an operations manual on how to start and operate a parking lot litter cleanup business. Each book purchase includes FREE email and telephone support from the author. Since 1981, author Brian Winch has made a six-figure annual income cleaning up litter from parking lots, and he’ll teach you to do the same. It’s an excellent way to take control over your life and income; you can start this business with very little money, without a college education or advanced computer skills. It’s an ideal business for anyone who likes to work outside, who’s responsible and can pay attention to detail. You can also operate this business part-time, as a side hustle until you’re ready to go full-time.

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